Airport photos and maps

Longmont Airport – 264 acres  

LMO airport full v1

skydiving drop zone – roughly 40 acres

This is the official drop zone area, adjacent to the original south parcel


LMO airport map skydive drop zone

The skydiving South Parcel showing the quonset hut, parking area and shade tents.  There is a skydiver above the quonset hut.  This parcel is separate from the drop zone.

Quonset Hut on south parcel

LMO South Parcel SD11 5


The photo below shows the original 2007 south parcel boundaries .

The dimensions are 321′ x 563′.


proposed skydiving operation site

South Parcel showing quonset hut for parachute packing, parking area, shade tents and swoop pond

LMO South Parcel SD11 2


The 2016 proposed smaller south parcel covers just the area immediately surrounding the quonset hut.  It does not include the parking area, shade tents and other structures.


2016 South Parcel lease - photo