Court Documents

Colorado Supreme Court

20170323 CQS Reply in Support of Cert Petition (final)

20170322 Mile-Hi Opposition to Cert

CQS Petition for Certiorari 3.2.17

Appx 1 (Court of Appeals Opinion)

Appx 2 (Order re Bench Trial)

Appx 3 Longmont Code

Appx 4 (Master Plan)

Appx 5 (Times Call May 2015)

Appx 6 (Times Call Feb 2017)

Appx 7 (O’Barr)

Appx 8 Longmont FAQs

Appx 9 (Opening Brief)

Appx 10 (Reply Brief)

Judicial Appeal – Colorado Court of Appeals

20161222 Appeal – Opinion

Courtroom video of oral arguments presented to appellate court

20160610 Appeal – CQS Reply Brief

20160506 Appeal – MHS Answer brief

20160309 Appeal – Opening Brief – Final

July 2015 – Quiet Skies Files Notice of Appeal 

 20150709 CQS Notice of Appeal

Post-Trial Docs

August – November 2015 – Court Considers CQS Motion to reconsider attorney fee award

Judge Judith LaBuda awards defendant Mile-Hi Skydiving an ADDITIONAL $6,277.50 in attorney fees for “frivolous” motion to reconsider previous attorney fee award.

20151105 Order re attorneys fees on reconsideration

20150924 Order re motion for reconsideration

20150910 CQS Reply re motion to reconsider attorney fee award

20150903 MHS Response to motion for reconsider attorney fee award

20150813 CQS Motion to Reconsider Attorney Fee Award

June  – July 2015 – Mile-Hi Seeks attorney “fees”

Judge Judith LaBuda awards Mile-Hi Skydiving $47,984.41 in “attorney fees” for “frivolous” claims that were dismissed prior to trial.

20150728 Order re Defendant’s Motion for Attorney Fees

20150701 MHS Reply to motion for attorney fees

20150625 CQS Response to Motion for Attorney Fees FINAL

20150611 MHS Motion for attorney fees

June 2015 – Mile-Hi Seeks “costs”

Judge Judith LaBuda awards defendant Mile-Hi Skydiving $67,000 out of the $85,000 they requested.

20150624 Order on Costs

Boulder District Court Trial Docs

Trial Transcripts

See page 199 for pilot testimony

201501413 CQS trial transcript

May 21, 2015 – The Final Order – Citizens Lose, Skydiving Wins

20150521 Final Order 5.21.15-1

May 15, 2015 – Findings of Fact and Conclusions of Law

Plaintiff’s Proposed Findings of Fact and Conclusions of Law – final

Defendants’ Proposed Findings of Fact and Conclusions of Law – final

May 4, 2015 – Plaintiff’s Motion to Reopen Evident – following court’s site visit to observe Mile-Hi flights

Motion to Reopen Evidence (final)

Opposition to Motion to Reopen Evidence (final)

Order re. Motion to Reopen Evidence

April 2015 – Trial Briefs

Trial Brief (Defendant)

Trial Brief – Plaintiff