Citizens For Quiet Skies vs. Mile-Hi Skydiving

Citizens For Quiet Skies, Kimberly Gibbs, et. al vs. Mile-Hi Skydiving

The lawsuit was funded by hundreds of generous donations from our supporters across the country who support reasonable regulations to reduce excessive airplane noise.


The Court’s Site Visit to Observe Mile-Hi Flights

The following images of Mile-Hi flight tracks during site visit were taken from the WebTrak application, located here.  Flights 2 and 3 flew miles outside the Mile-Hi “flight box”, as shown in the WebTrak images and also reported by observers who signed affidavits.  The radar data for flights #1 and #3 have been removed from WebTrak.

Site Visit Flight #2 observed from Gunbarrel:     20150502 1531 site visit flight 2

Also note that for flight #3, the radar data is not available, i.e. missing, until the otter is flying east toward the flight box.

Site Visit Flight #3 observed from Gunbarrel:    20150502 1616 site visit flight 3

The Appeal

Anonymous skydiving supporter voice message urges Quiet Skies to drop appeal and ‘Go Away.’ Perhaps the caller should be contacting the owner of Mile-Hi Skydiving instead, since it was their choice to continue the appeal.  Quiet Skies offered Mile-Hi a walkaway agreement – waive costs and fees for dropping the appeal.  That is not something we wanted to do, since we have a very strong case for the appeal.  But we have to be practical – none of us has a spare hundred thousand dollars to spend on the outrageous awards for costs and fees.  Mile-Hi declined our offer, so we are forced to move forward with the appeal.

News Coverage Regarding Lawsuit and Airport

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July 17, 2014:   The District Court granted our Motion for Judgment on the Pleadings on Mile Hi’s abuse of process counterclaim.  As a result, the abuse of process counterclaim was dismissed.

June 20 2014: ‘Quiet Skies’ lawsuit against skydiving is set for trial

October 28, 2013:   Quiet Skies to sue Mile-Hi Skydiving over noise above Longmont

Press Advisories

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                                Contact: Kimberly Gibbs

April 10, 2015                                                             Phone: 303-530-6918

[Boulder, CO] – On Monday, April 13th at 8:30 am, the Citizens For Quiet Skies vs. Mile-Hi Skydiving trial will commence in Boulder County District Court, Justice Center, Boulder, Colorado in Courtroom Q (Judge Labuda).   Plaintiffs allege negligence and nuisance resulting from excessive noise created by defendant’s skydiving operation. The trial will last for 5 days (Case #: 2013CV031563).



Citizens For Quiet Skies – Lawsuit Is Imminent

By Kimberly Gibbs
October 28, 2013

Boulder County, CO – Citizens For Quiet Skies announced today that a lawsuit is imminent regarding their efforts to address the community noise impact from Mile-Hi Skydiving jump planes.  For more than two years Quiet Skies has made efforts to work toward a cooperative solution with the skydiving operator and the city of Longmont.  These efforts have failed.  As a result, Quiet Skies has retained the law offices of Randall Weiner, a Boulder environmental law firm, to seek a remedy via the courts.

Thousands of north Boulder County residents who live under the Mile-Hi Skydiving “flight box” are affected by the noise.  The flight box extends from the Longmont airport northwest to Lyons and south to Gunbarrel, including Niwot, Hygiene.  On weekends, Mile-Hi Skydiving operates multiple aircraft concurrently, for more than 12 hours per day.  In particular, the white and purple DeHavilland Twin Otter creates the most objectionable noise, which is described as a low-frequency reverberating drone.

The city of Longmont, as the airport proprietor has the authority to regulate operations to address community noise concerns.  However, the city has continually refused to adopt reasonable regulations that would offer some measure of relief to the community.

Further details will be provided at a brief public announcement:

WHAT:   Announcement of lawsuit
WHEN:  Tuesday, October 29th at 6:30 pm
WHERE: Longmont Civic Center Complex
350 Kimbark, Longmont
main level

To find out more about Citizens For Quiet Skies:

Facebook:  Citizens For Quiet Skies
Primary organizer:  Kimberly Gibbs

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