The judge’s site visit flights

During the 2015 district court trial, judge LaBuda ordered a site visit at 2 of the plaintiffs homes so that she could hear the Twin Otter jump plane.  Mile-Hi Skydiving was instructed to fly their “typical” route using the Twin Otter.  The graphic below, from Webtrak, shows the actual flight path that was flown for one of the flights.  The judge was positioned in Gunbarrel, where the blue house icon is shown at bottom.  As you might expect,  the observers could barely even see the skydiving plane as it quietly hummed along the horizon several miles away.

20150502 1531 site visit flight 2 with box


The graphic below shows typical skydiving operations during fair weather, with 3 jump planes operating concurrently.  You can decide for yourself whether the flight above represented typical skydiving operations.

webtrak fligh tracks 20170603 1418 MHS X3