Other Aviation Noise Victimized Communities


Skydiving Noise – Repetitive Noisy Flights


California – Cloverdale

Cloverdate skydiving dispute in holding pattern

Airport noise angers some Cloverdale residents

California – Santa Clara

Garlic City Skydiving v The County of Santa Clara, CA

The FAA required the airport to provide an on-site drop zone.  The airport refused and lost future federal grants.

airport work in holding pattern

Federal Funding Grounded at Airport

Massachusetts – Chatham

Jul 6, 2012 news:  Skydiving plane noise prompts changes at Chatham Airport

Michigan – Tecumsah

Airport explains decision deny skydiving

Skydive Tecumsah operator says company not at fault in close call

Passengers relive the terryifying moment …

Letter: Noise from Skydive Tecumsah has grown to be a nuisance

Letter: Tecumsah resident bothered by plane noise

 Ohio – Lancaster

Jun 18, 2013 Opinion: Noise from skydiving business is disturbing neighborhood

Oregon – Molino

Mollalo:  A letter to Skydive Oregon in Mollalo

Oregon – Sisters

3/3/2017  Residents say skydivers are noisy neighbors

Aviation Impact Reform

Washington – Oak Harbor

 Letter: Oak Harbor


Groups Addressing NextGen and Other Aviation Noise Issues



Citizens For Quiet Skies – Gold Canyon, AZ – coming this fall


Santa Monica

Concerned Residents Against Airport Pollution (C.R.A.A.P)

News Article: Judge tosses Santa Monica’s airport lawsuit

Palo Alto

Sky Posse Palo Alto

News article: Residents protest airplane noise at sky posse meeting

Youtube: Community meeting re Santa Clara County South Bay arrivals

Sky Posse Los Altos

New York

Prospect Park

Prospect Park Quiet Skies


QuietSkies.net – (organizer – Len Schaier)

Quiet Skies Coalition


Aviation Impact Reform  (organizer – Jeff Lewis)