Track Flights With Webtrak

How to Use Webtrak with graphic

Webtrak is a web application used to track flights.

  1. Open a browser and navigate to the Webtrak URL:
  1. Click the Home icon and enter your address. A house icon will be placed at that location.
  2. Zoom in and out using plus (+) and minus (–) signs.
  3. Click on “Show current flights” (to view current flights with a 20 minute delay, or “Historical” to view flights within the past 60 days. Set the time of in “Time to start replay”.
  4. Adjust the replay speed to the right of the gear symbol.
  5. Set Display to show aircraft info tags. The beacon ID and aircraft type are provided here.  When flights appear you can click on the airplane icon
  6. Playback the flights. The playback goes in half-hour increments. Right click on plane icons to see flight details, including beacon code, speed and MSL altitude.  Click the small plane icon to show the static flight tracks.