The Skydiving Noise Problem


An example of the noise. This video was taken about 6.8 miles from the airport. This goes on all day long, for 12 hours a day. Decibel readings are frequently in the 70’s.

Another example of the noise


These are examples of recent skydiving operation flight tracks.  Of course, the noise travels for miles outside the actual flight path.  Is your home located under the blanket of noise?  If you are so fortunate, keep in mind that you are only one decision away from being subjected to constant aviation noise.


webtrak fligh tracks 20170603 1557 MHS X3


webtrak fligh tracks 20170603 1418 MHS X3

On an interesting sidenote, this is the flight track for the judge’s site visit flight (lawsuit Citizens For Quiet Skies vs. Mile-Hi Skydiving.)  You may recall that the defendant won the lawsuit and the judge ruled that there was no noise nuisance.  During the site visit, the judge was in Gunbarrel and the jump plane flew all the way to Lyons, avoiding Gunbarrel altogether.  This comical ploy actually worked, and the pilot signed an affidavit claiming that the flight represented a “typical” skydiving flight.  You can decide for yourself whether the noise impact from the typical scenario above is similar to the flight below.


20150502 1531 site visit flight 2 with box

And this one shows a full day of skydiving flight tracks from WebTrak