Issue: Skydiving

Mile-Hi Skydiving (Mile-Hi)

  1. Mile-Hi is a private business operating out of Vance Brand Municipal Airport in Longmont, CO. Their drop zone is also located at the airport (where the skydivers jump and land).
  2. The Mile-Hi jump planes create noise when flying repetitive patterns around our neighborhoods and climbing steeply in preparation for the jump. The powerful turboprop jump airplanes create a distinctive, low-frequency droning sound, which can be heard several miles away and is nearly continuous during peak season. Unlike other general aviation aircraft, the jump planes often climb nearly 13,000 vertical feet above ground to reach jump altitude.
  3. Jump operations are allowed from sunrise to sunset, sometimes resulting in 12 hours or more of nearly constant noise above our homes, neighborhoods and recreation areas. During the summer, weekend evening operations can last until 11:30 pm.
  4. Jump operations are generally at their peak during the weekend.
  5. Mile-Hi operates several jump planes: 1 deHavilland Twin Otter (white and purple), Beechcraft King Air B90s, and 1 Cessna Turbo 206. Additionally, they typically operate a second Twin Otter during peak season. During peak season, several aircraft operate concurrently.

According to the Mile-Hi Skydiving web site:

“Mile-Hi Skydiving’s new Twin Otter is one of the lightest, fastest, and cleanest skydiving jump ships in the country! It hauls 23 jumpers to full altitude in 10 minutes …”

“Mile-Hi Skydiving’s King Air is an 1100 hp twin engine, jet-prop jump ship that rockets 15 jumpers to full altitude in minutes! “

“Go Higher… Go Faster…” Do you have the need for speed….? We’ll elevate you to jump altitude faster than anyone else in the state. (as in just 8-10 minutes – you don’t have to spend 20-30 minutes in slower aircraft elsewhere.) …”


The Mile-Hi “flight box” depicted below was designated in 2007 via a letter of agreement between Mile-Hi and the FAA.

20140718_Mile-Hi Flight Box annotated v2


20151011_Mile-Hi Climbing Activity_v3-1


1998 LOA pg1

1998 LOA pg2

1998 LOA pg31998 LOA pg4