Harassment and Intimidation

This is an example of what skydiving supporters from all across the country will do if you complain about the skydiving noise nuisance – they will buzz your house in an effort to intimidate and harass you. They will incite harassment against you.  They will call you and make threats.  They will contact your employer to make  unfounded complaints and they will attack your business interests.  Those are the kinds of people we are dealing with.

Webtrak on June 5, 2016

Image #1 at 1:08:27, at 1,700′ AGL:    The jump plane with beacon code 0344 heads straight to Gunbarrel.  This is a highly unusual path and altitude for the jump planes.

20160605 130827 Mile-Hi buzz flight

Image #2 at time 1:08:32:  The jump plane dips to 1,600 feet AGL.

20160605 130832 Mile-Hi buzz flight

Image  at time 1:08:37 at 1,700′ AGL:  Just prior to reaching my home, the jump plane begins an abrupt and very steep climb.  I was inside at the time and it was so loud I thought a plane was crashing.

20160605 130837 Mile-Hi buzz flight

Image  at 1:08:59, at 1,900′ AGL:

20160605 130859 Mile-Hi buzz flight

Image 1:09:40 at 2,600′ AGL

20160605 130940 Mile-Hi buzz flight

Would a Mile-Hi Skydiving pilot or even the owner actually buzz someone’s house intentionally?  According to one pilot’s sworn testimony during trial, the answer is ‘yes.’  You can decide for yourself.

Excerpt of 2015 trial transcript testimony of former Mile-Hi Skydiving pilot, Andrew Hill, in the judicial case of Quiet Skies vs. Mile-Hi Skydiving. page 199 of trial transcript

Q  Have you ever heard anyone at Mile-Hi talk about Kim Gibbs?

A    Yes, I have.

Q    And who did you hear talking about Kim Gibbs?

A    The first time was Mr. Casares.

Q    When did you hear Mr. Casares speak about Ms. Gibbs?

A    My first introduction to that name was while Frank was flying — I’m sorry, Mr. Casares was flying in a last load of the day with me in the Twin Otter.  And he made mention and pointed out where her house was and proceeded to  do repeated circles over it during that load.

Q    Did you receive any instructions with respect to your descent around Ms. Gibbs’ house?

A    Not when operating on my own I did not.

Q    When operating with Mr. Casares?

A    He flew differently than the standard or the typical climb sequence and descent sequence that we  operated during alones.

Q    And how did the descent sequence differ from your — from the normal operating procedure?

A    He descended in a props forward condition, meaning propellers in a fine pitch condition which yields higher noise.

Q    And while doing so did Mr. Casares mention anything to do with Ms. Gibbs?

A    Yes.

Q    What did he say?

A    His exact comment if I do recall is hello, Kim, hoping you’re having a nice evening.

  1. OSOFSKY: Thank you. No further questions on direct, Your Honor.

THE COURT:  Thank you.

And cross-examination.



What do skydiving supporters have to say about community noise concerns?  Here is a brief sample.

From dropzone.com – search for dropzone Longmont city council will take up skydiving noise

sundevil777  (D License)

Dec 15, 2011, 11:02 AM
Re: [stratostar] Longmont City Council will take up skydiving noise [In reply to]
Maybe they should be flying over her house on purpose (accidentally of course). It might cause her head to explode, problem solved.

sundevil777 :
Dec 15, 2011, 11:08 AM
Longmont City Council will take up skydiving noise
At least everyone that flies an airplane in the area should be doing low (legal) flights over her house. Especially those that are really loud.

Better for it to be from non-skydiving planes, not based at that local airport, from all around the area, making low passes over her house over and over again, even late at night. The message would be, back off or you’ll wish for the quiet skies you used to have. Her neighbors would also be pushing for her to stop making trouble.


Sounds like they need to have a “Beech-18” boogie.

Better for it to be from non-skydiving planes, not based at that local airport, from all around the area, making low passes over her house over and over again, even late at night. The message would be, back off or you’ll wish for the quiet skies you used to have. Her neighbors would also be pushing for her to stop making trouble.

Hmm, her profile lists Dade City, FL as her current home town… Someone get me an address and I’ll see if I can swing by during my round-robin of airports tomorrow in the 172.


Very good. Her neighbors may be the best weapon to push her to get back to the level of quiet skies they enjoy now. It would be great to know that a fly-over-thon will happen.

***** Road, 80503.

A plane pulling a banner would be great, or a skywriter!


If you move where there’s farms? You’re gonna smell cow shit… Anyone who doesn’t like that can leave.

Let’s see. Mile High is an established, successful business w/a 15+ year history in the community. Who do you think generates more tax revenues, the big business, or some dumb bitch in a house? They formed an official group. So, the town is required to hear them squawk @a meeting or two. Money Talks. The town council cares a lot more about keeping that business operating, than a few bored nutcases. She won’t get anything more than a new ulcer or two

Phone call – Drop the judicial appeal:

Lady, when are you going to get a grip and just drop it.

Your page Citizens for Quiet Skies is like watching an old woman go through menopause – painfully.

You just need to stop.

Your page has like 135 likes while other pages clearly against you have LIKES in the THOUSANDS.

You need to drop it.  You need to stop spending your money with …… get a hobby.

Just get a freaking hobby.

Take up uh… helping the homeless with the 25 Grand that you’re gonna throw at an appeal.

Why don’t you do that?

Why don’t you put together some meals or something like that for people who are less fortunate than you, who can go out and throw twenty five thousand dollars on an appeal when you already have paid well over a hundred thousand dollars.

You need to get a grip and let it go.

Mile-Hi Skydiving … was there long before you were in G-u-n barrel, you’re not even a Longmont resident. You live in G-U-Nbarrel.

Go away.

Phone Call – Impersonating an FAA official and threatening legal action if we don’t delete the CQS Facebook page.

phoneScrShot_20180113-174238_FAA impresonator

Typical text messages:

text mes btch

Facebook Posts – Featuring Menacing Figures and Guns – Why?

Because Guns and the thought of violence are frightening.

Sometimes these are real people, and sometimes they are fake Facebook profiles.

FB vinnie poppiliano - gun