Register a Noise Complaint

Registering noise complaints is an important step in addressing community noise concerns. Noise complaints provide an objective measure of the level of annoyance in the community. If no one speaks up, then it appears there is no noise problem.

When the noise is excessive, please register a noise complaint and send an email to both the airport manager, the city manager and the city council. After all, it is the City, as the airport proprietor, who has the authority to adopt regulations to control airport noise (at the airport that they own and operate). You can register a complaint for each noise event.

Vance Brand Airport
Register a noise complaint regarding operations at Vance Brand Airport using the Longmont Service Request:    Longmont Service Request

And here is the policy for registering noise complaints

Note that the city council does not receive your noise complaints via the Service Request tool.  They will only be provided with a yearly summary report by the airport.

Airport manager:

Longmont City Manager:

Longmont City Council: